Why you need to carry out a professional ‘end of lease’ clean?

27th September 2023

Whether you are a business about to leave a property or a landlord looking to find a new tenant, a professionally carried out ‘end-of-lease’ clean is a worthwhile investment.

When a business is relocating, it is important to leave the premises you are vacating in a clean and hygienic condition for several reasons.

From the tenant’s point of view, first and foremost, you need to comply with the Lease Agreement you or your colleagues will have signed. Failing to meet these requirements could lead to legal consequences or disputes as most agreements will include one or more clauses that specify the condition in which you must leave the property at the time you vacate.

Next, the property management company or the owner will have requested that you pay a security deposit at the beginning of your tenancy. Undertaking an ‘end of lease’ clean will go some way to ensuring you get your security deposit returned in full.

A well-documented and professionally carried out end-of-lease clean will often help avoid disputes between landlords and tenants. By having a commercial cleaning company carry out this service will help smooth any potential disagreements.

And finally, it is always important to maintain a good relationship with a landlord. Not just in case you find yourself wanting to lease property from them again in the future, but you may need a good testimonial for any future property transactions you are considering.

For the landlord, undertaking a regular and thorough cleaning at the end of a lease will help maintain a property’s value and condition. Afterall, a well-maintained property is more likely to get you a better rental return or value should you decide to sell in the future.

From a health and hygiene perspective, a thorough and professional clean to ensure that your property is free from dirt, dust and allergens, therefore promoting a healthier environment for the next occupier, could be the deciding factor in which property they choose to rent.



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