What Should Be In Your Office Cleaning Armoury?

Cleaning isn’t something that can be done without certain tools and equipment. Find out what should be in your cleaning cupboard before you tackle the office clean.


Whilst it might seem obvious, it’s surprising how many offices don’t have a hoover available. Not only do they do a great job of keeping your office dust free, but they are second to none at picking up small bits of dirt and debris that gets brought into your office space every day. Quick, easy and very efficient. Every office should have a vacuum. Despite it being noisy, it’s worth the investment – not only to keep employees happy but impress clients and prolong the life of your carpet.


Depending on what kind of flooring you have in your office, a brush can be well suited – especially for hard-flooring. With many different brush types of available, from dustpan and brush to much bigger sweeping brushes and loads of materials they are much easier to maintain than other types of cleaning. For small messes that a hoover is too much of a hassle for, brushes are perfect. Additionally, they are a cheap bit of kit.

Mop & Bucket

Some messes require a little more than just sweeping away; liquid spills and puddles can’t be dealt with via vacuum or brush. Which is why your office also needs a mop and a bucket. To leave your office with sparkling clean flooring, you need to get stuck in and thoroughly mop your office. It can be time-consuming, and slightly inconvenient but we don’t think a freshly mopped floor can be beaten. With so many different floor cleaning products available, you can also find one that smells amazing; leaving your office smelling and looking fresh.

Cleaning Sprays

Not all messes are created on the floor though. So, naturally, you are going to need some way of wiping down surfaces. A multi-purpose anti-bacterial surface spray is something that should always be available, to quickly wipe up spills and stains whilst dealing with any nasty germs that can be found on work surfaces. All it takes is few sprays and a wipe down with some paper roll, and it’s done. Every surface needs cleaning, some more than others, but between kitchen areas to desks and tables, there are plenty of opportunities to make a mess, making cleaning sprays invaluable to your office cleaning armoury.

Cleaning Wipes

If you don’t like the idea of spraying chemicals near your precious IT equipment, there is an alternative for cleaning up little spills. Cleaning wipes are simple, fast and effective. Simply, pull one out of the packet and wipe away. No mess, no fuss and you’re left with a clean and bacteria-free work surface. Whilst this is a faster method of cleaning, disposable wipes are going to have an impact on your businesses waste, so they aren’t always the most environmentally friendly.

Duster & Polish

To provide a finishing touch to your office cleaning, you’re going to need a duster and polish. Once everything is wiped down and clean, protect your surfaces and make them gleam with a few sprays of polish. Again, it can be time-consuming but clean and shiny surfaces make for a well-presented workplace that is sure to impress and keep people happy.

If you are unsure about products you should be using, talk to us about using our office cleaning products.

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