Ways to Reduce Staff Sickness in the Office this Winter

During the winter months it seems everyone around us is coughing, sneezing and spluttering! Colds and flu are all too common and they can spread through an entire office in a matter of days. A hygienic office environment can reduce those flu germs and alleviate staff sickness.


Independent research has shown that 71% of office workers believe that they have become ill as a result of a dirty workplace. And that a clean hygienic office environment can reduce the chance of catching a cold or flu by as much as 80%, significantly reducing staff sickness levels. When put in these terms its easy to see why many businesses are employing professional, contract cleaners to care for their office environments.

It isn’t possible to completely eradicate minor illnesses but maintaining a clean hygienic workplace will drastically reduce the spread of illness within any office environment.

All the staff at OfficeCare are fully trained in infection control practices making sure germ hotspots are regularly cleaned and sanitised. Germs can live for up to 48 hours on many surfaces. This is why it is so important to clean areas regularly using the right techniques and products.

Our staff audit every premises regularly. At the beginning of every contract a through and comprehensive schedule is agreed and put into place. The schedule will highlight all hotspots to make sure these areas are cleaned correctly and regularly to help prevent staff sickness. All processes will be monitored on a weekly or monthly basis too so the schedule can evolve and any changes can be implemented quickly and swiftly.

Feel good about your place of work

Not only will a clean, hygienic office environment help to reduce the spread of infection and reduce absence from work through sickness, it is important to say, everyone will feel better about their place of work. Everyone wants to work in a clean, bright environment that’s conducive to feeing good about their job and place of employment. Customers and clients will also notice and value a well cared for environment.

Hand washing

As important as keeping the offices clean is; good hand washing habits amongst staff are vital. As part of our service we can put posters in key areas and  make sure all stocks of hand wash, towels and antibacterial gel are always replenished to encourage good practice amongst staff.


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