A Few Tips to keep your Office Clean!

Health and Safety is priority for any work place, thus employers should ensure that their office is cleaned to the highest standard, to create an environment for their staff where motivation and success can thrive. There are many ways of maintaining a clean and tidy office. Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure your staff’s desk and workspace is clean:

1. Hand Washing

Many people disregard the importance of hand washing and the effect this can have on health and hygiene in the workplace. An article published by the BBC titled; Handwashing: Why are the British so bad at washing their hands?” reveals a shocking truth and statistic:

Findings suggest 11% of our hands are so “grossly contaminated they are carrying as many germs as a dirty toilet bowl. It’s the same for 8% of cards and 6% of notes. We already know faecal matter can be found on one in six mobile phones.”

 In addition to this, “In a recent UK-wide study, 99% of people interviewed at motorway service stations toilets claimed they had washed their hands after going to the toilet. Electronic recording devices revealed only 32% of men and 64% of women actually did.”

 Staff not washing their hands can be an easy and common way of spreading germs around the office. Contamination and infectious diseases can be passed around by simply shaking hands or touching another member of staff, therefore washing hands should be highly encouraged in the workplace. This could be implemented by adding washroom posters to remind staff how to wash their hands, as well as touchless dispenser soap which will aid in improving hygiene and cleanliness in the office.

2. Avoid being “Desktop Diners”

 It is very common for staff to eat at their desks, as conveniently they can have their lunch and work at the same time. As appealing as this may be, your dedicated employees may be interested to know that a study from the University of Arizona found that a dirty keyboard and their workspace carries 400 time more dangerous bacteria than the average public toilet seat! Grossed out? We are indeed.

This can be avoided by providing staff with disinfectant wipes or sprays to use after they have their lunch, or simply encouraging them to either go to the canteen/staff room to have their lunch or outside to get some fresh air

3. Encouraging Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene should be encouraged in the workplace, and can be done easily. In many public institutions, staff are provided with hand sanitisers or disinfectant hand gels to promote healthy working and hygiene. Similarly, this practice can be implemented in the workplace by providing staff with hand sanitisers or disinfectants. It is not possible to constantly go to the bathroom to wash your hands, however having a hand sanitiser can help minimise the spread of germs and illnesses, when it is not always possible to get to the sink.

4. Have your own Commercial Cleaners

The above few tips are what you can encourage your staff to do in order to promote a healthy work place. However, the last tip we would suggest is hiring professional cleaning services.

A commercial cleaning company will work within your budget to clean your office based on your requirements. It is always best to research how much experience a cleaning firm has, as well as what locations and sectors they cover. Once you have chosen a commercial cleaning company, you can discuss how often you would like your office cleaned and the type of cleaning your office requires. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can help minimise germs spreading, improve staff morale, boost productivity, and save money – all factors which aid in running a successful business.

At OfficeCare we understand the importance of a clean office and our commercial cleaning team are always available to ensure that your staff begin their day in a clean workplace. We have specialised in commercial cleaning for various sectors for over 25 years in East Midlands and South Yorkshire.

We cover the following areas; Derby, Office Cleaning Sheffield, Office Cleaning Nottingham, Commercial Cleaning Rotherham, Office Cleaning Doncaster and Commercial Cleaning Leicester as well as providing Janitorial Products throughout the UK.


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