Take the cleanliness of sports stadia to the next level

4th July 2023

As well as keeping a sports stadium clean, our primary goal in working with every organisation is to also create a sustainable and healthy environment founded on a sustainable, long-term partnership including a commercial spend-back.

With such huge volumes of footfall in sports stadiums, there is far more to delivering a clean stadium than simply sweeping concourses and removing rubbish.

It is critical this process involves the use of a comprehensive biotechnological range of organic plant-based ‘eco cleaning products’ too.

These products should not only conform to 99.99% ultimate biodegradability over 28 days, but also help maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, ensuring we all do our bit to help the wider environment.

High performance athletes breathing at high flow rates for prolonged periods are subjected to significant dehydration of the airway mucosa, which can cause inflammation, leading to respiratory issues. This can be exacerbated by the inhalation of airborne pollutants, which can be generated following the use of poor quality cleaning products.

Whilst the impacts on professional athletes’ lung function when using conventional cleaning chemicals can be similar to those experienced by the general population, the effects on athletes may be particularly significant due to their higher level of physical activity and the increased demand placed on their respiratory system.

In addition to the well-documented effects on asthma and other respiratory problems, poor air quality can affect the performance of athletes, altering their ability to complete efficient gaseous exchange, and altering their cardiovascular performance.



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