Stop Saying These Things About Your Office Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t the highlight of most people’s days, in fact, for many, it’s considered a chore. But this shouldn’t stop you doing what needs to be done. To prevent your office becoming a tip, you need to stop saying these phrases.

“Somebody Else Will Do It”

Just imagine if everybody had this mindset, nothing would ever get done. Something as simple as picking up the bit of rubbish that you spotted on the floor, or washing the few pots that have been left next to the sink can be done in a few minutes, so why not take the time to do it? At the end of the day, an office is a shared space and the responsibility of making sure it’s a clean place to work should be shared too.

“I’ll Do It Later”

Procrastinating, everybody does it. We all put off small jobs that we don’t want to do under the empty of promise you’ll make time to do it later. But over time small jobs add up, what can start as a quick 2 minute tidy can end up as a huge time-consuming job. If you find yourself procrastinating your cleaning, why not try the 2-minute rule? We all have a few minutes to spare just get it done there and then and prevent having to spend more time later on..

“It’s Not My Job”

Whilst it might not be explicit in your job description, it is part of everybody’s role to pick up after themselves and help keep your working environment clean and tidy. This doesn’t mean you should don your scrubs and bucket and head out to wash the windows, but small quick jobs like picking up rubbish or wiping down work surfaces all contribute to the overall cleanliness. At the very core of it, what’s good for the business is good for you. A clean office keeps you healthy. A clean office impresses clients, which help to pay your wages

“It’s Not That Bad”

The thing about this statement is it’s subjective. What’s a bad mess to one person, might be seen as completely fine to another. But the key thing to remember is if it’s been pointed out – it’s noticeable. A noticeable mess will need some kind of attention. Whether you noticed or one of your colleagues, somebody pointing it out means it should be sorted out.

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