When you consider the number of times your staff or visitors use your washrooms or toilets, it is important to adopt green practices wherever possible.

At OfficeCare we use a wide range of biotechnology-based products, which are organic plant-based ‘eco cleaning products’. These not only help maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness but, at the same time, ensures we do our bit to help the wider environment.

Protecting the health of staff and visitors

It is extremely important for us to protect the health and wellbeing of your staff and visitors, that’s why we only use cleaning agents which have zero impact on lung function.

Biodegradability over 28 days

The biosurfactants we use also conform to 99.99% ultimate biodegradability over 28 days – according to OECD test 301 (testing methods used by government, industry and independent laboratories) to identify and characterise potential hazards of chemicals.


  • All vacuum cleaners offer 25% reduced power consumption, saving on average over £100 a year in electricity costs per vacuum.
  • Windows are cleaned using the Pure Water Reach & Wash system – it’s chemical-free.
  • Microfibre technology is the highest quality smear-free wiping system in the world and has replaced dusters and cloths.


  • All the cleaning products we use have COSHH sheets and have undergone rigorous risk assessments.
  • We don’t use any harmful bleaches or cleaning products, we only use environmentally approved super-concentrated liquid delivered directly to your site.


  • All waste containers are refilled at a centralised recycling point at our headquarters
  • All our containers and packaging are recyclable, in addition, we won’t place any plastic or cleaning waste into your waste stream.
  • All washroom consumables are supplied in bulk, to help manage costs and also reduce waste.

Carbon Footprint

  • Our fleet of vehicles are low emission 100% hybrid.
  • We assign contracts geographically between account managers.
  • All products are purchased from local suppliers and delivered directly to your site.

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