Self-Cleaning, In-House Cleaners, Cleaning Contractors – Which is the most Beneficial and Cost-Efficient?

When making a decision on how to ensure your office stays clean, it’s definitely worth assessing the following three options that any business has; cleaning the office yourself, finding an in-house cleaner or hiring a professional contract commercial cleaning service.

There are a few factors that you will have to take into consideration before deciding what cleaning option best suits your business, such as the size of your office (most importantly), the number of employees, and the facilities your office provides.

Small businesses would naturally decide to clean the site themselves, because of the low cost. Although this may be a simple solution, businesses disregard the disadvantages of this solution. The purchasing of cleaning consumables and janitorial products increases and buying these can become expensive. Janitorial products and equipment also carry a health and safety risk which in turn becomes a liability for an employer.

A business may also avoid cleaning during busy periods e.g Christmas time, thus hygiene and cleaning may be affected as employees are engrossed in work and ensuring that the business is running properly. This may seem like a cost and time-efficient option for a business, however once the above factors are explored, one may come to a conclusion that self-cleaning isn’t cost effective.

When an employer realises that self-cleaning may not be the correct option for their business, they turn to what they believe is the next step; in-house cleaning. Again, the advantage of this would be the ability to find and hire cleaners who can clean at a standard that you expect. However, it will be the employers’ responsibility to ensure the cleaners are carrying out their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Although this may be a beneficial option for an employer, it also imposes a major issue. For example, if there is a problem with the cleaner (they are sick, decide to go on holiday, or change jobs), then an employer may have to recruit someone else, which entails going through the whole process again i.e. getting the cleaner trained, finding cover, explaining the standards of cleaning to a new cleaner, to suit the business. Furthermore, the IFMA (International Facilities Management Association) estimates that in-house cleaning is on average 23% more expensive than outsourced cleaning service, so again, this may not be a cost-effective solution.

Taking into consideration the above statistic, this leads us into discussing the benefits of outsourced cleaning. A commercial cleaning company will work within your budget to create and tailor a service that meets the needs of your business. They will advise you on money-saving practises, advanced equipment and manage the responsibility of hiring and training cleaning staff. Trained cleaning operatives have obvious benefits; a reliable and motivated workforce which increases productivity leading to a happier team.

Generally, contract cleaning companies understand and have the knowledge of health and safety when cleaning a site, therefore this minimises liabilities. An employer may believe that outsourcing a cleaning company is expensive, however assessing the positives and negatives of the alternatives mentioned above, depicts that in fact a commercial cleaning company is the most cost-effective solution.

At OfficeCare, we have had over 25 years experience in commercial cleaning and office cleaning and cover the following areas; Derby, Office Cleaning Sheffield, Office Cleaning Nottingham, Commercial Cleaning Rotherham, Office Cleaning Doncaster and Commercial Cleaning Leicester as well as providing Janitorial Products throughout the UK.

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