Commercial Cleaning in Nottingham and Office Cleaning in Nottingham

We are market leaders in the supply of professional commercial cleaning services in Nottingham for a wide range of businesses.

This includes cleaning offices in Nottingham and cleaning factories in Nottingham, cleaning schools in Nottingham and cleaning sporting venues, cleaning car dealerships in Nottingham and cleaning medical practices in Nottingham, helping achieve the highest levels of commercial cleaning in Nottingham.

We believe that every Nottingham business should have a clean, safe and hygienic environment. Not least, because commercial cleaning immediately creates a welcoming, professional atmosphere that can have an impact on your staff, helping to improve morale and boost productivity in Nottingham.

A dedicated commercial cleaning account manager in Nottingham develops a bespoke cleaning schedule tailored to your exact requirements and will stay in regular contact with you to ensure our exceptionally high standards in commercial cleaning are maintained.

Office Care also invests in real-time workforce tracking technology in Nottingham, which enables us to monitor our commercial cleaners in Nottingham to provide a transparent service in terms of the hours you pay for and the commercial cleaning services you receive.

• Cleaning offices and meeting rooms in Nottingham
• Cleaning kitchen and dining areas in Nottingham
• Cleaning toilets, washrooms and showers in Nottingham
• Cleaning windows and signage cleaning in Nottingham
• Cleaning reception areas and corridors in Nottingham
• Cleaning stairwells, corridors and lighting in Nottingham
• External and car park litter picking in Nottingham
• Periodic commercial deep cleaning in Nottingham
• Responsive commercial cleaning during events in Nottingham
• Exterior cladding cleaning in Nottingham
• Litter picking and waste removal during and after events in Nottingham
• Specialist carpet cleaning and floor cleaning in Nottingham
• Washroom cleaning and washroom consumables in Nottingham