Commercial cleaning and the value of ESG

With regulatory bodies implementing stricter environmental and social regulations, commercial cleaning companies that follow ESG standards are more likely to remain compliant with regulations and green practices.

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OfficeCare on a journey towards net-zero emissions

OfficeCare are committed to playing its part in addressing the global climate crisis by running an all-electric fleet by 2028

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OfficeCare using OdorBac Tec4 – powerful, concentrated, multi-purpose cleaning fluids

When it comes to cleaning technologies and products, OfficeCare prides itself on the way we still continue to innovate as well as sourcing office supplies that create or enhance the working environment to enable your employees to perform at their best.

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Every medical facility benefits from professional cleaning

While every building benefits from regular cleaning, as places that are specifically designed to safeguard everyone, hospitals, clinics, medical centres, dentist, and laboratories are particularly at risk.

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Why you need to carry out a professional ‘end of lease’ clean?

Whether you are a business about to leave a property or a landlord looking to find a new tenant, a professionally carried out ‘end-of-lease’ clean is a worthwhile investment.

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OfficeCare trial automated self-programming cleaner robots

Our commercial cleaning group is always looking into new ways to add innovation to our day-to-day operations, which includes recently trialing industrial cordless and brushless robotic vacuum cleaners.

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