Teamed up with Frogspark

We are excited to announce that OfficeCare have teamed up with a local design and development agency.
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How harmful are the products your cleaning company or in-house team are using?

In a recent study from of 6,000 people by a team at Norway’s University of Bergen found that lung function has declined more over the years for people who cleaned.
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New website up and running!

We are excited to announce that our website has been refreshed and is now live!
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We battled the beast from the east - and won!

After the recent freezing weather conditions, it was crucial to ensure Pride Park Stadium was given the all clear for the Sky Bet Championship home game with Fulham on the 3rd of March.
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OfficeCare's microfibre cloths

Just arrived – delivery of 20,000 Microfibre cloths to OfficeCare; bespoke specification cloths that have been tailored specifically to our cleaning requirements.
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We've teamed up with Leicester Tigers!

OfficeCare have teamed up with Leicester Tigers! We are incredibly pleased to have partnered with the tigers and with our 25 years of experience we can help them tackle any cleaning job.
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To Do List – Clean 32,600 seats at DCFC – CHECK!

Ten days ago the mammoth task of cleaning the seats at Derby County Football Club began, some 1,400 man-hours later the task is complete.
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Staff needed for DCFC Annual Stadium Seat Clean!

Staff are needed for the Derby County Football Club annual stadium seat clean!
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Office Cleaning Case Study

"You can see the benefits; our offices are always clean. In the 8 years that OfficeCare have been looking after our offices we have had no cause for complaint"
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Here’s why you should keep your business premises clean

Research says that the average adult who lives to the age of 80 will spend 30 hours crying, 17 weeks having sex, 368 days in the pub and 12 years at work!
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A clean and tidy working environment can reduce stress!

Cleaning is one of those jobs that we don’t want to have to worry or think about but every business irrespective of the industry or size must always make sure their offices are clean and presentable
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8 Ways to Keep your Office Clean and Fresh

A clean, tidy, healthy environment makes people feel valued and creates a convivial atmosphere, which encourages hard work and productivity
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OfficeCare sponsor Raleigh GAC for 2017

Throughout 2017 OfficeCare will be continuing and building upon their support of sport in Derby with new sponsorship of the Raleigh GAC cycling team.
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Ways to Reduce Staff Sickness in the Office this Winter

During the winter months it seems everyone around us is coughing, sneezing and spluttering! A hygienic office environment can reduce those flu germs and alleviate staff sickness.
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A Few Tips to keep your Office Clean!

Health and Safety is priority for any work place, thus employers should ensure that their office is cleaned to the highest standard.
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How Cleanliness Affects Productivity in the Workplace!

If your premise isn’t clean or well-maintained, what does that say about your business? A clean and tidy workplace says a lot about a business as it portrays a certain image of your brand.
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Self-Cleaning, In-House Cleaners, Cleaning Contractors – Which is the most Beneficial and Cost-Efficient?

When making a decision on how to ensure your office stays clean, it’s definitely worth assessing the following three options that any business has.
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OfficeCare Survey 2016 Results!

Every quarter, at OfficeCare we conduct surveys for all our clients, to gather feedback on our services.
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Mobile Account Managers at OfficeCare.

OfficeCare was founded in 1988 by David Booth and Martin Booth and since then the company has both developed and advanced significantly.
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The benefits of a higher National Living Wage on the cleaning industry.

The minimum wage increased from £6.70 to £7.20 in Spring 2016 for workers aged 25 and over in the UK
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New Research Reveals Washroom Habits in the Workplace.

A third of UK workers have admitted to being on their smartphone while using the toilet, and one in twelve also disclosed that they consume food and drink there.
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Clean Engineering for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

OfficeCare renew cleaning contract for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Training Centre on Sheffield Business Park.
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OfficeCare, Specialists in Car Showroom Cleaning.

We’ll make your site look spotless. And your Car Showroom look amazing.
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Do your office cleaners effect your business?

"Just wanted to pass on that I have had nothing but praise for the cleaning team today!"
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Opportunity – Business Development Manager

Office Care has grown to become a recognised brand in the Midlands, known for supplying a quality and professional cleaning service to over 180 businesses.
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Office Care branch out into Amazon Marketplace

COMING SOON:- Office Care are going live on Amazon!
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