New Research Reveals Washroom Habits in the Workplace.

A study conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene to mark Global Handwashing day (15th October), has revealed shocking figures, leading to major concerns about the spread of germs in the workplace.

A third of UK workers have admitted to being on their smartphone while using the toilet, and one in twelve also disclosed that they consume food and drink there.

The study focused on 1000 Office Workers in the UK to understand the state of hand washing habits in office environments.

British workers have become increasingly concerned about their colleagues hand washing habits as research suggests that 49% people were ‘disgusted’ if they knew a colleague hadn’t washed their hands, whereas 38% will go to the extent of not shaking hands with people they know have just left the bathroom.

Workers would also be uncomfortable with a client or an important business stakeholder using the same toilets as the general workforce.

The survey was also conducted with office workers in Australia, France, Germany and Malaysia. 87% Germans expressed they washed their hands instantly after using the washroom, in comparison to 83% in the UK, France, Australia and Malaysia.

Many workers have blamed external factors such as being in a hurry or the washroom environment for not washing their hands. 16% have reported that they will avoid washing their hands if the bathroom smells, 20% when there is no soap or towels and 15% when the hand washing facility is not clean.

We at OfficeCare, strongly believe in a clean work environment and understand the impact this can have on the image of your business and the health of your employees.

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