How To Clean Your Office IT Equipment

Every office has it, very few clean it – Your IT equipment. The likes of keyboards, mice, monitors and everything else in between can become plagued with dirt, grime and germs. It can be disgusting and it could be the reason your employees are always off ill. Time to take action and clean your office IT equipment.


It’s important to note, you should always safely turn off any devices before cleaning them to prevent them from getting damaged in the cleaning process. Once your computer is off and keyboard disconnected, it’s time to start cleaning. There could be anywhere between 3000 and 4000 germs per square inch of your keyboard, that’s 400 times more than on a toilet seat. Luckily, cleaning a keyboard is quite a simple process. A scrub with an antibacterial wipe can remove most of these, however, if you want to clean deeper; you’ll need some rubbing alcohol. Simply dip a cotton bud into rubbing alcohol and rub sparingly over your keys and keyboard frame to kill the germs.

We aren’t done yet though, you need to remove the debris from underneath the keys. Ever noticed a key sticking down more and becoming hard to press? Blame your mid-morning snack at your desk. To remove debris turn your keyboard upside down and give it a gentle shake over a bin and watch all the crumbs from however long ago tumble out. If this fails, a few quick bursts of pressurised air in between keys will dislodge the germ harbouring debris.


What does your hand touch most when using your computer? Your mouse or trackpad. If you aren’t washing your hands correctly after going to the toilet you’re smothering this device in potentially harmful germs all the time. First things first, get all the built-up grime and dust from the nooks and gaps on your mouse – use a toothpick to scrape out all the disgusting materials that your mouse as accumulated over time. Once this is free, time to wipe down all surfaces (including underneath!) with some rubbing alcohol or an antibacterial wipe. Again, use this sparing so as not to damage the equipment.


You might be thinking: “But I don’t touch my monitor, how can it be dirty and full of germs?”. Whilst this thinking would make sense, unfortunately, it couldn’t be more wrong. Just think of all the talking, coughing and sneezing that might have happened around your monitor. All of the potential for germs to leave your mouth or nose and thrown against a warm monitor where they are free to breed and infect. For the best cleaning results that don’t break your monitor or leave them streaky, you’re going to need a microfibre cloth. Once you’ve acquired the cloth, dust your screen down lightly to remove any loose particles, this will prevent scratching later on.

Next, dampen your cloth with water and gently wipe across your screen – avoiding the circular buffing motions and instead opting for broad strokes with a gentle touch. Ensure to use as little water as possible so you don’t risk damaging any internal components. Remember less is more! Once you’ve wiped the whole screen down, use a clean and dry cloth to dry it, using the same technique as before. And ta-dah! Your screen will look like new and it won’t be harbouring any of the nasty germs it was before. At least until you sneeze again.


Printers are widely known to be more of a social area in an office, a quick excuse for a chit chat with your colleagues. Well, just like any communal area, germs can build up lightning fast. To properly clean a printer you will need to wipe down any and all surfaces lightly with some rubbing alcohol or an antibacterial wipe ensuring nothing gets into the structure itself where it can cause technical issues. Pay special attention to high use areas like buttons, screens and paper trays, these will be the biggest culprits for spreading germs!

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