Here’s why you should keep your business premises clean

Research says that the average adult who lives to the age of 80 will spend 30 hours crying, 17 weeks having sex, 368 days in the pub and 12 years at work! Putting that into context if you work full time the chances are you spend more time awake in work than you do at home.

With that thought, it’s fair to say that going to work should be as enjoyable as possible and a clean, fresh and a pleasant place to be. We all devote some of our time and/or resource towards keeping our homes well maintained and looking nice, so why should the place of work be any different especially as we spend so much time there?

The importance of a clean office is important but sadly one that is very often over looked and undervalued. A clean office makes a difference, especially in terms of staff morale, reducing staff sickness, productivity and the impression given to visitors and clients.

Morale and motivation

With all of us spending many hours at work, a clean and tidy working environment helps us feel valued and happy in our surroundings. No one wants to work in an environment with dirty desks, dodgy toilets and an unkempt kitchen area. It staff feel valued productivity will certainly increase as will staff retention rates.

Reduce Staff Sickness

Independent research has shown that 71% of office workers believe that they have become ill as a result of a dirty workplace. Sickness absence costs UK businesses an estimated £29bn a year, with the average worker taking 6.6 days off each year due to sickness. A clean working environment could well reduce costs and days lost.

Company Perception

What people think about your company and the impression they form begins with your companies appearance. Your business premises are an extension of your product or service and we are all aware of the old adage “you only get one chance to make a good impression.” A clean fresh office immediately creates a welcoming, professional atmosphere.

Feeling Good

A clean and well cared for environment will make staff feel good about their place of work, they will feel more valued and that they matter as a result. Customers and clients will notice too.

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