Every medical facility benefits from professional cleaning

23rd October 2023

If there is one workplace that needs to be totally clean and free from bacteria and germs, it’s a healthcare facility.

While every building benefits from regular cleaning, as places that are specifically designed to safeguard everyone, hospitals, clinics, medical centres, dentist, and laboratories are particularly at risk.

Keeping a medical facility clean is also crucial to the overall health and safety of both patients and members of staff, so it’s probably worth highlighting some key areas of cleaning that will improve the health and well-being of everyone in your building:

Well-being of patients and staff
When a patient goes to a hospital or medical centre, it is a given that they expect to be entering a clean and hygienic space that promotes healing and wellness. It’s also important to factor in the health and safety of a hospital or medical staff as they are often in close contact with sick patients, not to mention exposure to hazardous or infected materials.

Reduce the spread of infection
Whilst a lot of bacteria and viruses spread through airborne droplets, other common areas for disease transmission are surfaces such as countertops, handrails, cupboards and door handles and elevator buttons. Thorough and consistent cleaning can help reduce the risk of infection, especially important for patients with weak immune systems.

Avoiding cross-contamination
Some examples of areas of potential cross-contamination include surgical equipment, ultrasound probes, and even entire machines or furniture like CT scanners and examination tables. If not cleaned properly after use, these items can spread germs throughout the whole environment.

Staff morale and productivity
If you are a manager or business owner, as well as patient safety, it is also important to consider your staff productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction. All these can impact on the condition of the overall environment in which staff work, by hiring professional commercial cleaners, your entire medical team can focus on their duties and address the needs of the patients that are in your care.

Create a positive impression!
In the healthcare industry, if your facility is unhygienic, patients will feel unsafe and potentially may even complain or seek treatment elsewhere. This doesn’t just apply to treatment rooms or hospital wards either, other areas that should be kept clean and disinfected, such as reception and waiting areas, cafeterias, restrooms and bathrooms.

Ultimately, cleanliness goes beyond aesthetics, health, and safety, it also communicates that you are running a professional organisation that places the well-being and satisfaction of patients as a priority.

We deliver bespoke commercial cleaning services to help ensure your surgery falls within the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) National Specification for Cleanliness Standards.

Our cleaning schedules are tailored to your exact needs, and work closely with surgery staff to ensure your cleaning routines are not only followed but comply with all relevant regulations.

Get in touch and speak to our team about your medical facility.



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