A Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Desk

As specialised office cleaners, we know how much dirt and grime can build up around workspaces that often gets ignored. This can have some serious impacts on the productivity of your employees and even their health. It doesn’t take long to get your desk back to normal and restore an overall level of cleanliness back to your office! Follow our step by step guide to making sure your desk is at it’s cleanest.

Clear The Clutter

A cluttered and messy workspace is never productive. It’s hard to concentrate and can get very frustrating, especially when you can’t find what you’re looking for! Start your deep clean by getting rid of all the mess sat on your desk. Group everything together, make use of the stationary pot and clear as much desk space as you can! Don’t be afraid to throw away bits of paper (so long as they aren’t important) and free up the space you have.

Empty Your Bin

When did you last empty out your bin? Don’t let the rubbish pile up until it’s overflowing the sides, get into the habit of emptying your bin on a regular basis. This way you prevent any nasty smells and flies seeming to swarm around your desk in the warmer months. Doing this means you can still throw things away without playing bin-jenga.

Rid Your Keyboard Of Crumbs

As clean as you think you might be, and no matter how careful you are with food, we can guarantee there will be some crumbs buried in your keyboard. This can lead to a build of nasty bacteria in a place where your hands are constantly touching. Oh, and crumbs under keyboards are a sure fire way to annoy your IT department when your keyboard is “broken” but it’s actually just a crumb stuck under the mechanism. The best way to clean your keyboard is to pick it up, flip it over and give it a good shake to dislodge anything loose. If your still not convinced it’s clean, make use of some compressed air, and get in between all the cracks and really deep clean it. Then to finish it off, get an anti-bacterial wipe and just give each key a quick wipe and you’re left with a clean keyboard!

Wipe The Desk

When we say wipe the desk, we don’t mean only the bit you see. We mean lift everything out of the way and wipe down the entirety of the surface with a damp cloth or antibacterial wipe. We suggest working from the back to the front so you can catch any debris your might pick up in your hand or a bin bag. Don’t forget to wipe behind and underneath any monitors, keyboards, mice and anything else that might be on your desk to ensure it is left super clean! If you want to, a spot of furniture polish can also help keep your desk looking great.

Monitor Cleaning

We are all guilty of it, putting fingers all over your computer screen. This can not only leave them looking greasy and unpleasant, but impossible to see what you’re working on when the sun hits the monitor! To clean your monitors, make sure you turn it off first and let it cool down. Then wipe down the screen with a damp cloth (make sure it’s damp, not wet so there is minimal risk of damaging your screen) and wipe it dry. Perfect!

A Quick Hoover

Finally, give the immediate area around your desk a quick hoover to pick up the small bits you have dropped since you last cleaned. If you feel like it, you can also use the hand tool to dust around the cables and top/backs of your computer to remove all the dust and be left cleaner than ever!

Once you have done all this, sit down and enjoy your freshly cleaned workspace and feel your productivity rise! But if you realise keeping all the desks in your office this clean on a regular basis is far too much effort, get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you.

You can use OfficeCare in your school, office, workplace by contacting us direct. OfficeCare does not bid for work using i-clean, litmus or other third party organisations.  If you would like to know more about our services in Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Doncaster and Leicester please call us on 01332 332 331 or email

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