How Cleanliness Affects Productivity in the Workplace!

If your premise isn’t clean or well-maintained, what does that say about your business? A clean and tidy workplace says a lot about a business as it portrays a certain image of your brand.

It is important that employers are aware of the repercussions that an unclean office can have on a business and your staff. Hygiene levels can affect a business in terms of productivity, business image and staff morale.

A study conducted by Jeffrey Campbell called “Cleanliness and Learning in Higher Education” explored the phenomena of the different ways cleanliness affects productivity and learning at Brigham Young University.

The study categorised five different levels of cleanliness;

Level 1: Orderly Spotlessness

Level 2: Ordinary Tidiness

Level 3: Casual Inattention

Level 4: Moderate Dinginess

Level 5: Unkempt Neglect

The student responses from the study showed the following results:

  • 88% of the students reported that the lack of cleanliness affected their productivity, thus implying that cleanliness was a distraction to their learning when the building was ranked at level four or five.
  • 78% suggested that the level of cleanliness affected their health and also increased the chances of allergy and spreading of germs.
  • 84% students desire level one or level two of cleanliness to create a decent learning environment.
  • An uncleaned building triggered a negative impact on students’ mind-set who mentioned that it heightened stress levels.

There are three ways in which this study can be generalised to cleanliness affecting productivity in the workplace:

 Company Image

A clean and tidy office will naturally depict an image of your company, employees and your business standards. A company that is modern looking, takes pride in their hygiene, will portray to potential clients and employees that these are values integrated in the company. For example, having a dirty or unorganised office may indicate to staff that the company doesn’t have high standards, therefore this may be reflected in their work as the quality of their work may deteriorate.


As the study suggested, an unclean environment heightened stress levels for students and your staff can be affected in a similar way. An office where facilities are left untidy, have higher employee turnover as employees don’t feel determined to work, compared to offices where facilities are in good condition. An office which is clean and bright will drive employees to work, and also boost their morale.


As one may know that hygiene and cleanliness naturally affects health and this in turn affects employees’ productivity at work. Sick employees mean germs will spread at work as well as absences affecting the business. A clean, working environment equals to healthy staff and higher productivity which is vital for your business’s success.

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