A clean and tidy working environment can reduce stress!

Cleaning is one of those jobs that we don’t want to have to worry or think about but every business irrespective of the industry or size must always make sure their offices are clean and presentable. We want to come into the office everyday and know that the environment is clean, fresh and ready to start the day. We want our staff to like coming to work and our visitors to get a great impression of us every time they walk into our business.

This is something that OfficeCare believe 100% and lots of like mind businesses do too. But it’s always reassuring when other businesses and sources say that a clean office environment is not only pleasant and good for business and how we portray our brand it is most importantly beneficial for our health and in particular our stress levels.

A recent study by Cascade HR that asked over 1000 UK full time employees what their bosses could do to reduce their stress levels. The study had some surprising findings. It seems that as employees the things that we value the most are the simple things like background music, flexibility and a clean and tidy working environment.

In fact, a clean and tidy workplace was listed as the number one factor that workers felt could have a positive impact on their stress levels.

As a cleaning company we are also aware of the stress and pressure that managing that cleaning service and office environment can have on managers and directors. That’s why more and more companies are realising the benefits of using contract cleaning companies to look after all their cleaning needs. At Officecare we are busier than ever working with businesses across Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leicester.

An industry paper published this weekly the British Cleaning Council also supports this and is reporting steady growth in the industry.

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