How sponsorship is powering business marketing in cricket and football

The popularity of sports sponsorship as a way for businesses to enhance their brand visibility and connect with target audiences has grown in popularity over the last few years.

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Why StadiaCare, our stadium commercial cleaning service, is important for your organisation

You may wonder how an elite sports brand like StadiaCare impacts our wider commercial cleaning business – a closer look at what we do within sports should tell you that, unlike any other industry sector, when it comes to a football club or sporting venue our services don’t just make a difference, they make all the difference.

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Take the cleanliness of sports stadia to the next level

As well as keeping a sports stadium clean, our primary goal in working with every organisation is to also create a sustainable and healthy environment founded on a sustainable, long-term partnership

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The Qatar World Cup Challenge: how to keep eight stadiums clean with 64 matches in 29 days

One of the biggest challenges at the Qatar World Cup 2022 is how to keep eight stadiums clean with 64 matches in just 29 days

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Now we have three lion(esses) on our shirts too

As the action unfolded on the pitch at the UEFA women’s euro 2022 semi-final, behind the scenes StadiaCare worked with UEFA to take the commercial cleaning of a football stadium to the next level.

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England and Wales Cricket Board & StadiaCare

OfficeCare”s sports division, StadiaCare, has been appointed by the ECB to provide essential cleaning and support services to touring International cricket teams during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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