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Tips to prevent illness within the workplace

From simply putting up handwashing posters to supplying information to educate your employees better on how germs are spread, the impact will help reduce illness within the workplace.

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Where do germs hide within your office?

The cups are washed, bins emptied, sides dusted and floors are mopped and hoovered, you think your office is clean… wrong! Germs harvest and multiply in places where you might not see the dirt. So whilst your office might be clean and tidy on the surface, making a good impression with visitors, it’s a whole different story underneath.

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The benefits of outsourcing your office cleaning

Finding the right person to hire, like any hiring process, can be frustrating and very time to consume – meaning you are missing out on valuable time spent on running your business. Similarly, if you expect your current employees to clean the office – time they spend cleaning is time that could be spent working on projects and keeping clients happy.

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