Office cleaning


OfficeCare using OdorBac Tec4 – powerful, concentrated, multi-purpose cleaning fluids

When it comes to cleaning technologies and products, OfficeCare prides itself on the way we still continue to innovate as well as sourcing office supplies that create or enhance the working environment to enable your employees to perform at their best.

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Why you need to carry out a professional ‘end of lease’ clean?

Whether you are a business about to leave a property or a landlord looking to find a new tenant, a professionally carried out ‘end-of-lease’ clean is a worthwhile investment.

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OfficeCare trial automated self-programming cleaner robots

Our commercial cleaning group is always looking into new ways to add innovation to our day-to-day operations, which includes recently trialing industrial cordless and brushless robotic vacuum cleaners.

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AI delivers a more sustainable future in facilities management

Any business can reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve overall operational efficiency by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) powered systems to streamline maintenance operations.

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The benefits of keeping your work environment clean

Regular cleaning helps eliminate dust, allergens and germs, all of which can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and illnesses.

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Poor hygiene puts off a third of all staff from returning to the office

The findings of OSCFM’s survey highlighted that the most frustrating hygiene issues were food-related uncleanliness rather than any COVID-related anxiety.

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