How To Ensure Better Air Quality Through Your Office Cleaning

Everybody breathes it, and if you’ve ever gone between countryside and city centre, you know you can tell the difference between clean air and dirty air. It’s no secret either that better, fresher air is key to being able to concentrate. Much like the engine of a car, dirty air means worse fuel burning and clean air is more efficient. This concept also transfers to your employees, providing a better air quality means they will be able to focus better. Resulting in fewer headaches, more energy and an overall happier atmosphere are all positive side effects of better air quality too. So how can you provide a breath of fresh air in an office?

Clean Carpets

Office carpets see a lot of use, people bringing in all sorts of contaminants and dirt from outside on their shoes. It’s not like being at home where shoes are restricted to one or two rooms, instead they are worn throughout the whole office. The pollutants can get trodden into the carpet and trapped by the fibres deep below, which release slowly over time. Damp carpets especially can leave a musty odour that lingers for days after the carpet dries. It’s this odour that can leave employees feeling dizzy and fatigued which will affect their quality of work. The best way to combat this is to clean carpets regularly and thoroughly. Hoovering on a regular basis can help to remove anything trapped in the fibres of your carpet which can help create a better air quality.

Remove Moisture

Whether it’s wet floors in the toilet or spills from the water dispenser, moisture that’s just left to sit and go stagnant provides a breeding ground for mould and damp which can both have detrimental impacts on your employees’ health. Those suffering with asthma or other breathing difficulties and those without will all suffer if mould is allowed to grow and spread. Damp air can make it harder for employees to carry out tasks as they can feel short of breath thanks to extra moisture in the air. This extra moisture can also make it harder to keep your work environment warm. Investing in air conditioning can help reduce moisture in the air to keep it fresh, however simply keeping everything dry and free of standing water can have the same effect. If you spot mold or damp in your office, you should report it so it can be removed properly to increase the quality of air in your office.


We’ve all been stuck in the office the middle of winter when everybody is rammed into a space wearing damp clothes. It doesn’t take long for air to get stale and this is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to a lack of employee energy. Regular headaches, a negative attitude and becoming easily distracted are all signs that your office isn’t well ventilated enough. Luckily the solution is quick and easy – open a window and allow the fresh air to flow freely. If windows aren’t an option, then even just leaving the door to the corridor open can help. Alternatively, introducing plants into the space can help boost the quality of air your employees are breathing. Recycling the air, removing moisture and adding a touch of greenery can all boost your employees’ mood and work ethic.

Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

When buying cleaning products like bleaches, and surface wipes choose cleaning chemicals that are low in volatile organic compounds. These chemicals are safer for your workers as they don’t release any nasty or potentially harmful chemicals that you’re employees then have to breathe in for the rest of the day. From floor cleaners to surface cleaners, they should all be considered carefully to ensure they are efficient but aren’t putting your employees at further risk.

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