8 Ways to Keep your Office Clean and Fresh

Eight ways to keep your office clean and fresh!

There has been much research that proves that our working environment has a big influence on our mood and how we feel at work. A clean, tidy, healthy environment makes people feel valued and creates a convivial atmosphere, which encourages hard work and productivity

  1. Clean your phone. Office telephones have around 25,000 germs per square inch. Don’t forget to clean it with a sanitising solution.
  2. Don’t leave food on your desk – you don’t want to be attracting uninvited guests like flies and mice etc! Put in it a bin that is emptied every day
  3. Open a window! It can get cold when you are sitting for long periods of time but don’t forget to open a window for a little fresh air now and again.
  4. Clear and tidy your desks regularly so the cleaner can get at them to clean them! Some desks have been found to be more than 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, they need a clean.
  5. Use an air freshener, an automatic air freshener fixed to the wall, is a great option. Fragrances such as citrus, pine, lavender and cinnamon will help people concentrate, make them more focused and relaxed at the same time.
  6. Keep your keyboard clean. There is a study that shows that the keyboards of office computers normally have 5 times higher levels of bacteria.
  7. Arrange papers and materials on the floor or piled precariously on desks and tables. It is good once a week to throw away all the papers and notes you won’t need. It is also a good idea to implement a paper recycling program.
  8. Make sure toilets and wash areas are well stocked with handwash, towels and antibacterial gel, good hand washing habits are vital make sure you provide what people need.
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